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Medication Management - Home Medication Review
  Medication Management
  Home Medication Review

Home Medication Review is known as a Domiciliary Medication Management Review (DMMR).  This is a service to patients living at home in the community.

It is sometimes referred to a Home Medicines Review however this is the term referring to the pharmacist component of a GP initiated DMMR.

The goal of a DMMR is to maximise an individual patient’s benefit from their medication regimen, and prevent medication related problems through a team approach, involving the patient’s GP and preferred community pharmacy. It may also involve other relevant members of the healthcare team such as nurses in community practice or carers.

In collaboration with a GP, a pharmacist comprehensively reviews the patient’s medication regimen in a home visit. After discussion of the visit findings and report with the pharmacist, the GP and patient agree on a medication management plan.  

What are the benefits of a medication review?

The benefits of a medication review include:

  • Improved satisfaction, understanding of and concordance with medication regimen
  • Positive clinical benefits, in terms of patient health and quality of life
  • Improved relationship between GP, patient and pharmacist
  • Reduction in health care cost

Studies have shown that some patients do not realise potential importance of disclosing all medication consumption to their GP or may not choose to do so. A thorough review of a patient’s entire medication regimen within the home environment lets the pharmacist and the GP understand all medication currently or recently taken by the patient. The interview also makes it easier to improve the patient’s understanding of their medications and how they manage them. The pharmacist may also find out about any natural therapies being taken that may be influencing the medication regimen in any way.

Who conducts the medication review?

Generally the home interview is conducted by an accredited pharmacist i.e. an experienced pharmacist who has undertaken specified education programs and examinations, and undertakes continuing professional education and re-accreditation as approved by the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy.

The review can be offered to any patient for whom the GP feels it is clinically necessary to ensure quality use of medicines or address patient needs.

Examples of risk factors include:

  • Currently taking 5 or more regular medications
  • Taking more than 12 doses of medication/day
  • Symptoms suggestive of an adverse drug reaction
  • Suspected non-compliance or inability to manage medication related therapeutic devices

Further Information:

  • Call Medicare Inquiry Line 132011
  • Local Division Of General Practice
  • The Office of the Department of Health and Ageing 
  • Ask your pharmacist

Ask Your Pharmacist about:

  • Whether you qualify for a DMMR
  • How to arrange a home medication review

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