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:: Generics
Medication Management - Generics
  Medication Management

Generic medicines are said to be bio-equivalent to their branded alternative. They contain the same amount of the same active ingredient as the branded drug and are as effective and safe.

Not all branded drugs have a generic equivalent as newly developed medicines are protected by a 20 year patent.Therefore the original brand has the soleright to sell the drug during that time. This allows the company to recoup money it invested in research and development,marketing and promotion.

When patents come close to expiry other manufacturers can apply to the Governments Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA) for the right to sell competing generic drugs.These medications must meet the same quality and safety standards.Many manufactures of branded drugs also make generic drugs of their own branded drugs and sell them without the brand name.

The majority of consumers and patients can safely and conveniently substitute generic drugs of branded medications and save money.Many more patents are set to expire over the next 5 years so we will see an increase in the number of generic alternatives available.

Does this affect drug subsidies?

The government through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme(PBS) generally only subsidises up to the price of the lowest priced version of any particular medication. This means you have to pay extra for more expensive brands. The difference in price is known as a brand price premium and doesn’t count towards your safety net total.

Ask your doctor whether there is a less expensive brand that might be suitable for your condition.

Ask your pharmacist to substitute a cheaper brand if possible. Your pharmacist is able to do this unless the doctor has marked the prescription “no substitution”.


Always remember that if you switch from a brand to a generic form of medication, that you must not take both generic and the brand name medication at the same time.

If you need a lot of medications you should keep good records. This will help you keep track of your medications and also help you to work out when you reach your safety net.Your pharmacist can give you a Prescription Record Form that will fill in each time you get a prescription.


More Information:

You can find out more about less expensive generic medications by phoning the Medicines Line 1300888763 or by visiting the Department of Health and Ageing website for more information. 

Ask Your Pharmacist about:

  • Generics that can be used
  • Drug Interactions

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