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:: Compliance
Medication Management - Compliance
  Medication Management

Are you taking your medicines correctly?

Research shows that even though people go to the doctor and are prescribed medicines to help their condition many either

  • have them dispensed but don’t take them at all or
  • don’t take them as prescribed in order to get the best effect

This is called non-compliance.

Researchers have found that typically half to a quarter of patients are not taking their prescribed medicines properly and unfortunately non-compliance with those suffering from chronic illness is even higher.

What are the consequences of non-compliance?

The consequence of non-compliance is that:

  • You may not get better
  • You may get sicker and your condition may worsen
  • You may have a relapse


What can I do if I am non-compliant?

If you have a problem with compliance there are a number of professional programs your pharmacist can refer you to eg Dosage Administration aids (DAAs) and Medication Profiling Service.

The Pharmacy Guild has launched a new professional pharmacy service called MedsIndex which is a compliance monitoring and support service. 


Ask Your Pharmacist about:

Ask your pharmacist to see if you could benefit from this service which gives a patient a simple score out of 100 for each of their chronic management therapy medicines.Your pharmacist can help you develop strategies to improve your medicine compliance.

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