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:: Cervical Cancer
Healthy Women & Cervical Cancer
  Healthy Women
  Cervical Cancer 

Cervical cancer is a disease where  abnormal cells grow in the cervix (neck of the womb). The cancer may spread throught the body. 

While it is not clear what causes cervical cancer, research has shown a link with sexual intercourse and some forms of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV or wart virus). If you smoke you may increase your risk of cervical cancer. The risk of developing cervical cancer increases with age.

Each year in Australia more than 1,000 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed and over 300 women die from this disease. However with regular Pap smears at two yearly intervals, and appropriate treatment when abnormalities are detected, most cervical cancer could be prevented.

Signs & Symptoms:

Symptoms of cervical cancer can include unexpected bleeding, discharge or pain. However, regular Pap tests can pick up early warning signs, before any symptoms develop, which can be treated before cancer develops.

What can I do to reduce my risk of developing cervical cancer?

A Pap test every two years can help prevent cervical cancer!

If you are:

  • a woman aged 18 to 70 years
  • and you have EVER had sexual intercourse
  • and you have not had a hysterectomy
then you should have a Pap test every two years

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Usually, treatment for cervical cancer involves surgery to remove the cancer (including local excision, hysterectomy) and/or radiotherapy with or without additional chemotherapy depending on the size or stage of the tumour.

If detected early, cervical cancer can be treated, but as with any medical condition prevention or early detection is always best if it is available.

How can I prevent Cervical Cancer?

Gardisil is a new vaccine made available by the Australian Government from April 2007. It is free to all women and girls aged between 12 and 26 and can protect them against the cause of most cervical cancers.

Cervarix is available on private prescription to women over 27 who wish to be protected.

The new cervical cancer vaccine is expected to almost eradicate HPV infections in Australia by 2056.

More Information:

NSW Cervical Screening Program on tel 131 556
The NSW Pap Test Register
National Cervical Screening Program on their website

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