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:: Sun Sound Safety Jingle

Sun Sound Jingle aimed at TeensSun safety is set to change forever with the introduction of the Sun Sound - an initiative created by Three Drunk Monkeys in conjunction with Cancer Council NSW. Tasked with the challenge of persuading Australians, in particular care-free teenagers, to be aware of the dangers of sun exposure and remember to cover up, the Monkeys responded with the creation of a five-second musical sound trialled on Sunday 13th December for the first time at Cronulla and Gosford beaches.

When you're out and about this summer, it's easy to forget the need to keep yourself protected from the sun. So listen out for the new Sun Sound!

More practical than training seagulls to drop hats on people, the Sun Sound is a catchy harmony played at regular intervals on loud speakers at beaches, reminding you to be sun safe.

Launch of Sun Sound

The Monkeys collaborated with award-winning singer / songwriter Ben Lee, to create the sound to be played at beaches, sporting events and festivals, to remind Australians to protect themselves against the sun.

The Sun Sound, one of 20 sounds submitted by Lee, is part of a trial project aiming to remind Australians to take safety precautions against sun damage when they hear the sound played. It will be played in public spaces at regular intervals, to prompt people to reapply sunscreen or cover up.

Says Justin Drape, executive creative director of Three Drunk Monkeys: "Our goal was to create a sound that becomes synonymous with sun protection. If you hear a shark alarm you get out of the water so whenever people hear the Sun Sound hopefully they'll take it as a friendly reminder to cover up in the sun. If the sound takes off and becomes part of Australian life the long-term benefits will be significant. So far the support from schools and local councils has been phenomenal."

Sund Sound playing at a beach near youSays Sofia Khayech, Skin Cancer Prevention Expert, Cancer Council NSW: "Sadly, melanoma is the most common form of cancer in young people aged 15 and 44 years old, and although most teenagers know the importance of protecting their skin, it's easy to forget when out and about having fun. Hopefully the Sun Sound will start to change this habit."

The Monkeys also designed the logo for the Be Sun Sound campaign.

“Skin cancer is so preventable,” Ben Lee added. “You hear a siren or a telephone ring and you know what that sound means. So, it’s exciting to think about the Sun Sound being thought about in a similar context. It’s kind of a revolutionary idea.”

The launch for Sun Sound was aired on Channels 7, 9, 10 and Fox on Sunday 13th December.  Filming took place at Cronulla Beach. 

Melanoma victim Cathy Mason being interviewed for TV"You're out with your friends, lying on the beach, time slips away.  You don't always remember to slap on the sunscreen.  Anything that can help teenagers and all other beach goers remember to do this is wonderful", said Sutherland Shire Melanoma victim Cathy Mason.  "As a teenager you are only interested in what you look like then.  You don't think about the cost of sunburn ... the physical, financial and emotional scars that you are left with as an adult". 

Teens have the chance to say what they think about the Sun Sound, via the Sun Sound Facebook Fan Page.

“We want teens to take Sun Sound on board as a friendly reminder to protect their skin with 30+ sunscreen, a hat, clothing, sunnies and keeping in the shade in the hottest part of the day,” Sofia said.

“Many people don’t realise sun damage in the first 15 years of life greatly increases the risk of skin cancer in later life,”

The Sun Sound is being trialled in partnership with Sutherland and Gosford Councils this summer. If proved successful, Sun Sound could be coming to a beach near you.

Find out more at www.cancercouncil/sunsound

If you would like more information about protecting yourself at the beach speak to our friendly staff today.


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