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:: 2009 - Spring
Spring is in the air!  And so are allergies & asthma!
Spring 2009

Welcome to our first quarterly Health eNews.

We are so happy to have you on board and hope that with our quarterly newsletters we can bring you positive health information, keep you up-to-date with the latest health information and advice, and give you links to access the information you need.

This month we focus on Allergies and Asthma.  Even if you don't suffer from these, the articles are worth reading.

Our prime interest is your health.  If you have any questions relating to this newsletter or any other health matters don't forget to ask us.

Latest News - can probiotics help allergy sufferers?
When the dust settles When the dust settles

The recent dust storms that hit Sydney have caused alarm amongst asthma sufferers. Find out the latest information on how to deal with the aftermath of the storms.
Find out more about the aftermath of the dust storms ....
Your Health - allergies & asthma are nothing to sneeze at!
 Allergies and asthma are nothing to sneeze at!

Allergies & Asthma are nothing to sneeze at!

You know the feeling .... your nose begins to twitch and before you know it, you are sneezing uncontrollably.  Find out how this can be managed and how this affects asthma.

Find out more about allergies and asthma ...
Product View - Peak Flow Meters & Nose Drops
Measuring your airways with a Peak Flow Meter and applying nose drops

Puff Control - measuring your airways with a Peak Flow Meter

Do you know what a Peak Flow Meter is and how to use one?  Do you know the correct way to apply nose drops?

Find out more about peak flow meters and nose drops ....
Kids Korner - Kidsa and Asthma
Kids and Asthma

Kids and Asthma

Do you know which asthma medication to give your child? 
Do you know about the devices available to help administer this medication?

Find out more about Kids and Asthma ... 
D'Lish Dishes for Dinner
 D'Lish Dishes that are quick and easy to make

Enjoy this month's quick & easy dishes:

Hot Seafood Avocado

Hearty Chicken Vegetable Casserole

Pineapple Balloon

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Garden Allergies can be a bloomin' nuisance!

Garden allergies can be a bloomin' nuisance!
Find out how to grow a low allergy garden

 Our services & specials for you - find out more ...

 Top Tips to help you breathe easy

Dust up on Allergy Myths

Dust up on Allergy Myths

Watch for more interesting articles and tips next month ....


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